David at Amber Valley Photography, Amber Valley in Derbyshire takes its name from the River Amber and covers a semi-rural area with a number of small towns Derbyshire,

With over 38 years experience behind the lens, mainly focusing on motor sports, landscapes, street photography and travel photography.

I started taking photographs in the mid 1970’s with a Rollei Flex Twin-Lens Reflex camera using 120 film. Twin-Lens Reflex [TLR] means there are two lenses, one on top of the other. You focus and compose through the top one and make the photo through the bottom one.

I moved into 35mm format in the late 1970’s, using mainly colour transparency. Since 2004 I have been using digital SLRs producing colour and black & white prints and audio-visual shows.

My passion is to develop people, and help them to discover new skills. I have a technical trainer background, having spent more 20 years developing and delivering training modules in a variety of industrial locations.


Dave Boardman